Power optimisation

Various options are possible in the area of power optimisation. We will gladly determine the energy consumption for you and offer you various solutions.

Plant optimisation
Data acquisition of the operating points
We identify the type of optimisation possible and work it out (new belts, motor with better efficiency, etc.).

Power measurements
Carrying out power consumption measurements on machines
Working out solutions for energy savings
Checking and monitoring loads and capacity utilisation
on machines
Detect asynchronous loads, find and eliminate causes

Energy-saving motors
Reduce energy costs simply and effectively by using energy-efficient motors with better efficiencies.

Red Power drives
Greatly reduce maintenance on machines by using maintenance-free Red Power V-belts. The higher load capacity of Red Power belts minimises friction loss and thus saves energy. (2-5% energy savings)


Good maintenance prevents unscheduled machine breakdowns. Whether for lift gearboxes, ventilation systems or standard pumps. Our specialists for visual condition assessment do not miss any details. It goes without saying that we also take care of re-greasing, ball bearing analyses, a new laser alignment and many other maintenance tasks.


Do you need a service specialist for e-motors? Our employees who deal with the maintenance and repair of e-motors have completed a qualification programme run by SKF, the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling bearings.


Through constant training, our employees are always informed about the latest developments. We are also happy to train your employees and highlight all important factors relating to e-motors and frequency converters in our individual training seminars.

Heat recovery

We assist you with heat recovery and replace your heat recovery drive including controls or the ball bearings of your heat recovery wheels. For this we rely on Emotron heat recovery drives.

Replacement drives and maintenance
– Replacement of heat recovery drives incl. controls
– Replacement of ball bearings of heat recovery wheels
– Replacement of entire heat recovery wheels

Condition analysis

Those who control and know the condition of their machines are safe from expensive surprises. Sudden stops in production are avoided. The costs for repairs and breakdowns may be reduced. Machine running times may be extended and the remaining useful life can be better estimated.

Ball bearing measurement – shock pulse
The shock pulse measurement counts the frequency rate (shock pulses per second – rolling element roll-off noise) and varies the measurement threshold until two amplitude values can be determined:

the carpet value: this value is displayed as dBc (decibel carpet value).
the maximum value (highest impact within 2 seconds). This value is displayed as dBm (decibel maximum value).

These 2 values can be used to assess the current greasing in the bearing and the condition of the bearing in general. By tracking these values, we are able to recognise the trend and derive forecasts for the condition development.

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